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GDPR Compliant Webdesign

What is GDPR

The GDPR's main purpose is to enhance the protections that EU citizens have when their data is used and collected, and afford them new rights such as the right to transfer their personal data, or to be forgotten; that is, to have their personal data removed from a system when the law no longer requires its retention.

With all of these new regulations comes enforcement, and in order for companies to protect themselves potential multi-million euro fines , it is important that they ensure that they protect any collected personal data as effectively as they can.

No Database

Our Sites are pure static HTML and as such do not require a database implementation this means our sites do not require any form of persistent data storage to operate.

No client data is stored permanently within the websites application stack.


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Third party Code Plugins

Our sites do not require any third party plugins, unlike a CMS which relies heavily on a plugin system architecture.

Unfortunately, Not all developers are equal and I have seen many poorly coded plugins where the security implementation protocols have literally been non-existent.

Another point to bear in mind most website design companies are web administrators and have very little experience in the actual coding aspects of website implementation relying heavily on bought in plugins to implement functionality which may have serious consequences on the security of your site.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser

SSL Ensures Your Website is only viewed over a Secure Encrypted Connection


A Cookie is a small text file that a website downloads to a viewing browser and stores state information on a browser session, unlike normal software a web browser is stateless which means it can't remember data between pages and as such utilises cookies.

Kireth Framework
We do not implement cookies in our core framework and as such cookie regulations do not apply to our website builds.

Google Analytics
Utilising 3rd party analytics programs for tracking visitors such as Google Analytics utilises cookies, however, it is possible when using these services to implement IP Anonymization which in effect exempts you from the GPDR Cookie Rules

Embedded Youtube videos
by default when you embed videos again this can embed a cookie from youtube again a simple query string appended to the link will resolve this problem.

Data Collection Forms

We have taken the approach to process all forms on a stand-alone email server that is totally isolated from your website.

All forms are secured by GeoTrust. The forms Safely collect data and process forms in a secure manner.

Our high-level security certificate keeps all yours and your customers’ data safe and secure from online threats.

The Mail server is 256-bit SSL Security Encrypted.

Hosting Server and FTP Backbone

Most Standard web hosting implements the Lamp Stack option.
Web Server = Linux Apache
Database Server = Mysql
Serverside Language = PHP

Due to the nature of the Kireth framework, we do not implement server-side scripting or any form of database and as such can eliminate 66% of the stack this means our platform is as secure as it can possibly be. We implement all the latest server monitoring tools always ensuring we are currently up to date with all versions of implementation software.

FTP Back Bone
we permanently lock all ftp connections and such makes your site secure additionally when we do unlock your site to implement updates we do this via a static IP which means only one computer located in our offices can have access to the ftp connection.

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