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Our History

Initially, a software development company we were founded 1984 by our Managing Director Mark Higgins - primarily to code games for the Zx Spectrum.

Our founder built his first website in 1997, a full year before Google launched as a search engine, in this time we have watched as the Internet has grown from it’s humble beginnings to the major force it has become today.

With the advent of increased connection speed and more complex Server Side Scripting Languages and Client-Side Languages, the Internet has become a powerful entity that can process, manipulate and store data, and not just a system for serving web content.

Kireth has taken advantage of these developments and has been active in the development of this new generation of web applications, migrating many of our applications from the desktop to the Internet.

Our thorough understanding of this technology means your website will be ready for the next Internet Revolution.

At Kireth we are big believers in long-term business relationships, having been trading for over 30 years we know treating our customers fairly and recommending products and services that are appropriate for their needs and not our profit margins is the secret to success.

Kireth is a UK-BASED business which has grown from solid foundations based on quality and service to what it is today.

A modern competitive company, with steady growth year on year, primarily through customer recommendations.


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About Me

I am 52 years old married with 3 children and have been coding software for over 35 years Initially starting on the BBC Micro when 15 years old, I quickly became interested in microprocessor and digital electronics.

Having been self-taught I decided to attend Hull College of Higher Education where I attained an HND in Electronic Engineering specialising in microprocessors.
Having spent a few years designing 8-bit microprocessors systems a new technology called the internet was just emerging. Deciding to have myself one of these new-fangled website’s I decided to buy a good book on the newly emerging technology from my Book Club (No Amazon in those days).

Having consumed the book and realising the web was just a simple scripting based entity constructed my first website from this point I became hooked and have been building sites and web-based applications ever since.

The New Kireth Framework is the result of over 35 years experience in software design and implementation and I believe is one of the strongest web content delivery frameworks in existence.

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Kireth Website Design - 14 Abbey Way Sculcoates Lane Hull, HU5 1DA.
Telephone: 01482 226295 and 01482 781 749