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Fast Loading Websites under 0.6 Seconds Per Page Load

7 x Times Faster than the average website on the net today.

Tiny site footprint needs infinitely fewer server resources to deploy. High volume traffic handled gracefully.

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GDPR Compliant by Design

Worried your website does not comply with new GDPR Regulations our web framework is privacy by default complaint.
Cookie Free and as no persistent data storage to worry about.

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Website and Application Design

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10 Page Websites From  £150.00


Latest Website Builds

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    Secure Static Html Websites

    Website Design Portfolio

    Browse our portfolio to discover unique and custom premium web designs that will give your company the web presence it deserves.

    Utilising our bespoke software framework our designs adapt to meet your particular presentation requirements.

    SSL Certificates

    Free SSL Certificate

    Don’t have an SSL Certificate? Google is going to flag your website as unsecured.

    No problem we include a Free SSL Certificate on all our builds.
    Google has announced that going HTTPS — adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on your site — will give you a ranking boost.
    Schema Markup

    Price Guide

    5 - 10 Page website setup/build £150.00 Hosting £10 per month

    Includes: All ongoing updates and changes  - Unlimited 10gb Email Boxes

    All our sites implement our core framework with all the modern benefits and functionality this brings including responsive design, making the site fully tablet and mobile adaptive.

    Secure Static Html Websites

    Highly Secure Static Websites

    Whenever you’re building CMS sites, you constantly need to watch for SQL injection for search or other exploits from the hackers. With static sites, the majority of the security issues go away since your site doesn’t have anything to update!

    It’s just a set of read-only files sitting out on a file server. Where WordPress or other CMS products have access (potentially write) to the database, they are inherently more hacker-prone than static files.

    Responsive Web Design

    Fully Responsive - Mobile Tablet Friendly

    Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

    The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.
    Schema Markup

    Structured Data Mark Up

    Leveraging schema markup can help increase search engines’ understanding of your site’s content, as well as enhance search visibility via rich snippets.

    Structured data is a great way to create more search engine-friendly signals, which can indirectly impact search rankings. All our sites include Structured Data Markup, giving you an edge over your competitors in the search engines.

    We leverage Structured Data Markup on all our website builds.

    Secure Static Html Websites

    Kireth Framework

    Award Winning Framework

    We have the convenience of building your site on a CMS with all the speed benefits of construction this brings but that’s where the similarity ends as we deploy your site as static files all ready and waiting to be immediately sent to your requesting clients  without the overhead of a database or code execution, this is as fast as it gets.

    SSL Certificates

    Secure Email Forms

    We have taken the approach to process all forms on a stand-alone email server that is totally isolated from your website.

    All forms are secured by GeoTrust.
    The forms Safely collect data and process forms in a secure manner.

    Our high-level security certificate keeps all yours and your customers’ data safe and secure from online threats.

    Schema Markup

    Client Comments

    We do a great job in helping our customers gain a professional web presence. But don't take our word for it, read what our customer's think about us.

    Client Comment - CCS Herts

    Thanks for a great website. Always on the first page of Google. Bringing in the business much more than my previous site and half the price! job done.

    Our Web Servers and Deployment

    100% SSD Storage

    Blazing fast websites powered by Samsung SSDs

    Load Balanced and Redundant
    The true magic behind Kireth load-balancing platform is that it prevents any single point of failure. Our speedy 10 Gb servers monitor and distribute traffic as required, include DDoS protection, and have the ability to call on additional compute power.

    • Edge Caching for Speed
    • Autoscaling Platform Resources
    • Google-Based DNS Servers
    • UK Data Centre
    • 40 Gb Network with Multiple Internet Connections
    • Redundant Power Supplies, UPS and Generators
    • 24 × 7 × 365 Onsite Technicians
    • Biometric Security, CCTV and Firewalls



    What is Autoscaling?
    All our web hosting platforms use our proprietary autoscaling technology. Autoscaling is what makes them ‘true cloud’ platforms: resources allocated to your website are scaled up or down, dependent on demand. So if there’s a traffic surge, your site continues to function and offer the same fast experience for every user.

    Your site isn’t hosted on one or two servers. Instead, it can access the whole platforms compute, memory and storage resources. So, if for any reason your server is slow, another can step in and take over seamlessly. We always keep plenty of resource in reserve.

    Also, by not being tied to particular servers, it means that if your shared hosting ‘neighbours’ become busy, it doesn’t affect your site speed.

    Load Balancing

    What is Load Balancing?
    Load balancing is about sharing traffic across servers. Other web hosts may say they use load balancing - and indeed they do - but not the kind we’ve developed. Their load balancing mitigates failover: if a server goes down, your site will be moved to another, so it stays online.

    It’s a kind of disaster recovery. That’s expected: we offer that kind of server redundancy as well, even though we use some of the best hardware in the industry - thanks to our long-term partners at Dell - and a robust 10 Gb network.

    But Kireth load balancing is of a different calibre.

    Our load balancing makes use of monitors that will respond to traffic load and balance it across multiple servers when needed. Many other providers don’t offer this. The consequence for you is this: with Kireth, your site stays online, and remains fast, whatever load the servers are under.

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