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Website Hosting

Hosting Notice

Please Note our Hosting Services are only available to existing customer or new clients requiring our web building services.
We do not host websites built by third party developers, due to the wide variation in the quality of the code used to implement these sites. 

Website Hosting Options

Most Popular
Standard Web Hosting

Standard Web Hosting

Our Standard Web hosting is suitable for 99% of our web builds and includes unlimited bandwidth and server space.

  • Includes 5 Email Boxes
  • Unlimited Form Submissions
  • Accept Payments on forms

only £10 per month includes all changes updates and SSL certificate

Medium Business CMS Hosting

Medium Business CMS Hosting

Unlimited Bandwidth and Web server space.

  • Includes 10 Email Boxes
  • Form Process Unlimited
  • Form Data Storage 5GB
  • Submission Management Control Panel
  • Accept Payments on forms

£20 per month



Unlimited bandwidth and web server space.

  • Includes 15 Email Boxes
  • Form Processing Unlimited
  • Form Storage 20GB
  • SSL + Field Encryption sensative information handling
  • Submission Management Control Panel
  • Accept Payments on forms
  • SSL Certificate

£40 per month

Our Biggest Investment to Date
At Kireth, we always try to evolve – which comes with the promise to continuously improve your websites’ performance.
As part of this, I’m delighted to confirm we’ve received delivery of a lot of new expensive kit in our  data centre – specifically to upgrade our hosting platform.

This is the largest single investment in our history, and it will ensure that every hosting package on our platform has the best level of performance and reliability available. We’ve set our current best performing hosting clusters as the minimum benchmark for your future performance, and this upgrade will provide you with significant performance uplifts.

We’re replacing nearly half of all our web servers and NAS drives, increasing server power without increasing the number of sites per server.

And for even faster response times and performance, we’re adding SSD as caches for both NAS drives and web servers.
We’re excited about these upgrades and we know you’ll see considerable improvement in performance.
Our upgrade work began this week, and will take several months to complete.

Our platforms have been developed in-house from the ground up by our industry experts to ensure that they are optimised for our services and meet all our current and future needs.

Bespoke code and clever systems, written and maintained by some of the UK’s best developers, mean we can offer exceptional hosting tailored to your needs without relying on third party software.

Advanced Connectivity
We operate a redundant network, meaning that we have multiple multi-gigabit connections to the internet with different backbone providers. In the event that any connection fails, our other connections automatically take all the traffic, meaning that we’re highly unlikely to lose connectivity to the internet. We also benefit from Tier 1 connectivity for super-fast internet speeds at all times.

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