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You will find that most of the websites in current operation today run on a  Linux, Apache orginally designed as a content serving system it has matured to interact with Mysql and Php and this is where the trouble begins both for speed and security.

Ask a website developer (a term I use loosley) to build you a site and he will probably  go running to is favoured CMS most likely Wordpress and build away creating, if he is skilled enough, a reasonable looking website.

But That is only 5% of your website build.
Speed of rendering and security are also major issues that have to be addressed.

So what are the disadvantges to this approach  from a speed prospective.

A Standard CMS or Dynamic Website is a piece of software that creates all your pages on the fly as they are requested.  Every request runs through a process of many steps before any content is sent back to the requesting user a workflow which is very slow.

But What about Caching ?
A common tool employed by site owners and administrators is a ‘reverse proxy cache’ that sits between page requests made by a web browser and the web application. It intercepts requests and renders copies of pages straight from the cache, thus providing a noticeable speed boost.

Again it just chucking more code at a proplem that need not be there in the first place and also requires a specialised skill set to implement effectively.

Static content is published to regular files on your server and handled using the simplest methods available to the web server.  The advantages of static content are:

  • it is the fastest and most efficient way to deliver content
  • it does not require any code to execute or any databases to be accessed, which makes it the most secure way to deliver content
  • it uses simple, clean URLs to address the content
  • it takes best advantage of web caching systems, which further boosts performance
  • it is compatible with every type of webserver technology

Kireth Frame Work Approach
Is to implement both We have the convenience of building your site on a CMS with all the speed benefits of construction this brings but that’s where the similarity ends as we deploy your site as static files all ready and waiting to be immediately sent to your requesting clients  without out the overhead of a database or code execution this is as fast as it gets.

Super Fast Websesign

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