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Intelligent Content


What is intelligent content
Most websites are designed around a finite page structure ie. all the content is used only on that particular page.

At Kireth we take a software approach to content and break the page down further into content elements. An element can be any form of content from simple text or image or even a functional piece of software, for instance a music player.

We then arrange elements into collections called items, which in essence is the website page.
We extend this by adding extra views to the collection that can be used for more than just a single page display .

The extra views accomplish a myriad of tasks from providing teaser information for category views and various on site content promotion widgets, such as sliders and featured content widgets.

Mobile Tablet advantages
Extracting the content into collections and separation of the display into views also enables us to render perfectly for a particular viewing device without having to duplicate or disrupt any of the main content.

One of the basic software principles in professional software application design is Code Reuse, we have applied these principles to the content generation of our web-builds saving us countless hours in content generation, which we reflect in the price structure of our web-builds.


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  • Super Fast Websites

    Super Fast Websites

    6 Times Faster than the average website on the net today. Tiny Site foot print needs infinitely less server resources to deploy.

    High traffic no problem a truly scale-able infrastructure.

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  • Super Secure

    Super Secure

    NO LAMP Stack to hack.
    NO Database To Hack
    No Public facing server software.
    NO PHP Engine
    SSL Certificates Available
    means I cant run mileciouse code.

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  • Fully Responsive

    Fully Responsive

    Elegantly deploys on all devices.
    • Desktop, Laptops, Tablets
    • Mobile Phones , Smart Tv's
    • Gaming Platforms

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Intelligent Content

kireth webdesign logo

Kireth Website Design
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